Julia Tolley

Julia joins Patvocates as Head of Operations and Business Development within the Patvocates Research business unit.

With an extensive career working across health and social care services in the UK, mostly spent working in the National Health Service, Julia has significant experience in working to understand the needs, preferences and requirements of patients and applying this to service and pathway redesign, transformation, management, and development.

She was particularly involved in the integration of health and social care services to support people with long-term conditions to live better and ensure best possible patient experience, and in the redesign of primary and out-of-hospital care services.

Her background in Business and Psychology enables her to achieve success across a number of fields, including operations and business development, strategic planning, and project management, design and methodology.

Julia became involved in European patient advocacy as Operations Manager with Myeloma Patients Europe (MPE), where she was responsible for several aspects of the organisation’s strategic and operational development during her time there. In particular, Julia was involved in the development and business modelling of the MPE Evidence Generation Unit (EGU), focusing on development and delivery of a robust model for generating patient data and real-world evidence around living with myeloma and AL amyloidosis.  She was also involved in the analysis and development of the Myeloma Community Advisory Board (MM-CAB) following its pilot phase, with particular focus on strategy development, process optimisation and demonstrating impact.

Julia also worked with the CEO and Board to support both strategic and operational planning, this including transformation of the organisation’s work programme in line with organisational priorities and strategic objectives to ensure that the organisation and associated activities best served the needs and priorities of the patient community, streamlining of the programmes to realise efficiencies and introducing impact measurement across MPE’s programme portfolio to demonstrate value to the patient community, member organisations and other stakeholders.

Since her move into European patient advocacy, Julia has been involved in the Workgroup of European Cancer Patient Advocacy Networks (WECAN), supporting with coordination and project management, particularly providing oversight and coordination of the development of the WECAN Governance Paper, describing the network’s governance and operational model.

Julia is from the Northwest of England and based in Munich, Germany.

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