Patient involvement in Research: Key EU projects

European Patients Academy on Therapeutic Innovation (EUPATI)

The IMI-funded ‘European Patients Academy on Therapeutic Innovation’ aims to educate patient advocates and lay public about medicines R&D processes.

The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI,, a public private partnership between the European Commission and EFPIA, will fund a patient-led consortium to develop the ‘European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation’ (EUPATI). From 2012-2017, the academy will educate patient representatives and the lay public on personalised and predictive medicine, design and conduct of clinical trials, drug safety and risk/benefit assessment, pharmaco-economics as well as patient involvement in drug development. EUPATI will provide educational material in 7 European languages targeting 12 European countries.

Helpful resources produced by EUPATI:

EU Patient Partner Project

The project “Identifying the needs for Patients Partnering in Clinical Research” (commonly referenced as “PatientPartner”) was funded by the EU’s 7th Framework Programme in the area of Health and ran from 2008-2011. The aim of this project was to identify the patients’ needs for partnership in clinical trials. Moreover, the project lead to a well-organised and sustainable communication platform and guidelines, to enable the mutual beneficial interactions between patients and clinical trial professionals. The project inventorized existing views, needs, practices and experiences of patients, built the European Network of Patients Partnering in Clinical Research (ENPCR), and disseminated its project results across stakeholders.

Project results that can be used by patient groups and other stakeholders are available on the PatientPartner website:

  • Guides for patient groups, for sponsors and researchers to give guidance on effective partnerships in clinical trials and clinical research.
  • Policy Recommendations on Patient Involvement in Clinical Research
  • Ethical Principles

More here:

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