Service rationale for patient groups and organisations

Patvocates offers services to patient organisations on three layers:

  1. Patient support in capacity building
  2. Policy work support
  3. Supporting scientific research activities by patient groups

The involvement of patients in biomedical development, regulatory processes, clinical trials and the complex provision of healthcare services makes sense not only for compliance reasons but also because there is ample evidence in research that involved and informed patients have better health outcomes.

However, making sure that this process is meaningful and yields useful results is also the responsibility of patient groups. By developing their skills, capacities and knowledge, they can get involved in research, development and regulatory processes in a targeted and efficient way.

  1. Patient support in capacity building

Patvocates can help design capacity building and training programs, and the establishment of patient engagement strategies for patient organisations. Patvocates has a broad experience in designing patient involvement strategies and structures, always acting as an arms-length mediator between patient communities and the other party.

Patvocates can also set up, audit, facilitate and support your Community Advisory Board (CAB) or any other formal setup of patient involvement. We help with your stakeholder interaction plan by breaking down complex regulatory processes and requirements to manageable, practical steps.

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