The involvement of patients and carers, patient advocates and patient organisations has become a key success factor for healthcare companies and institutions across their different functions. The patient community and all healthcare stakeholders expect today to move beyond just talking about patient centricity towards a very tangible and measurable implementation of patient engagement in all projects and processes.

The Industry Services team at Patvocates bases its work on robust methodologies, tools and processes of patient engagement which Patvocates team members have helped to co-create in EUPATI, PFMD, WECAN and other initiatives over the past decade. We support our clients to move their patient engagement from theory to practice in real projects, products, services or collaborative initiatives. We are determined to create a measurable positive impact for both the patient communities and our clients.




As a specialised consultancy on patient advocacy and patient engagement with decades of experience in patient engagement and patient advocacy, Patvocates provides strategic consultancy to help healthcare companies plan, develop and deploy best-in-class, high value engagement with the patient community. 

Our strategic consultancy services include developing patient engagement strategies and operational patient engagement plans to maximise speed, value and impact for the patient community and the company. We ensure our clients use top-tier methods, frameworks, tools and processes in their engagement with the patient community, and base it on best practice examples from across the industry, patient community and public institutions.


Patvocates’ community mapping services provide clients with deep insights about leading patient organisations and communities within an indication or region, covering their activities, connectivity, influence and abilities. This allows a company to engage with the strongest patient organisations in a specific community.

Our community mapping provides an insight into organisations’ relevance in the patient community and beyond, and includes information about specific competencies, key leaders, and key activities in terms of patient support, education, policy, medical research, membership and outreach to the patient community, reputation and public image, key partnerships and affinity towards working with different stakeholders.


Patvocates plans, runs and facilitates patient councils and patient advisory boards for its clients. It supports them in collecting deep insights into the needs, preferences, concerns and challenges of specific patient communities. The insights inform all research, development and access decisions across the medicines development life-cycle from early development to post-approval activities.

Patvocates coordinates and facilitates the preparation of patient councils and patient advisory boards held by your research, clinical, medical, market access or patient engagement teams. We support the development of meeting objectives and an effective, action-oriented meeting agenda. We support your teams to focus the interaction with the patient community on questions that really matter to them, and that are strategically relevant and actionable for your teams. We support the development of the meeting agenda as well as pre- and post-meeting material for the participants. We support compliance review and can take care of contracting and fair compensation of your guests.


To help internal and external audiences to better understand the patient experience and the day-to-day reality of patients and carers, as well as broader issues on patient’s unmet needs and perspectives, Patient Ambassador Programmes facilitate the ad-hoc, rapid interaction of teams in your company with a set pool of patients, carers and patient advocates in specific therapeutic areas.

Given compliance and contractual issues have already been approved for all members of the Patient Ambassador pool, involving them in specific activities e.g. as speakers or experts in internal and external meetings and workshops, in the co-creation or review of patient-facing materials, or providing rapid feedback on specific development-related questions can be implemented rapidly.

Patvocates provides secretariats of Patient Ambassador Programmes to its clients. This  includes the set-up of the programme including SOPs, processes, forms and handbooks, the onboarding and training of new Patient Ambassadors as well as company team members, the management of contracts, honoraria and expenses, day-to-day operations in supporting activity requests, event-based facilitation of the interaction between the Patient Ambassadors and company teams, and the support of internal reporting about interactions and contributions within the programme.


Patvocates plans, coordinates, facilitates and runs Patient Advocacy Summits for its clients where patient communities, company representatives and other healthcare stakeholders can learn from each other, discuss, initiate collaborative work, co-create concepts and tools as well as prioritise and plan actions.

Even though we provide full-service logistics for your meeting including agenda development, moderation and facilitation guides, speaker briefings, pre- and post-meeting material development, compliance review, venue management, travel management, contracting and expense processing, compliance review, we are not “just” another event agency: Everything we do is tailored towards depth and impact on both the patient community and your company.

Our moderators, facilitators and project managers have years of experience in patient engagement and patient advocacy, and have deep insights into patient community needs and sensitivities across different indications.

We have a long track record of organizing meetings, workshops, conferences and summits with patients, carers, patient advocates, patient organisations and all stakeholders. We really care.


Patvocates provides tailored training on effective and impactful ways of engaging with patient communities to your teams.

We help to move away from tokenistic interaction towards an involvement that ensures that your products and services are targeted towards the unmet needs and diversity of patient communities.

Our trainings include:

  • Patient engagement frameworks, methods and tools
  • Legal and compliance
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion

We make sure the trainings are based on best-in-class methods, frameworks, tools and resources developed by Patvocates and the European Patient Advocacy Institute as well as EUPATI, PFMD, WECAN, PARADIGM and other  initiatives, which enables your team to use them effectively when engaging with the patient community.

Topics that can be covered in such a tailored training range from the fundamentals of patient engagement, the history and landscape of patient engagement, best in class engagement tools and frameworks, compliant and effective engagement between industry and the community, measurement and metrics of patient engagement, practical patient engagement in R&D, collaborative evidence generation to patient engagement in regulatory and access decision making, just to name some.


Incorporating diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the development of clinical trials and healthcare services addresses a rising challenge in meeting patient populations’ needs. Through a DEI lens and the use of specific DEI measures, solutions can be developed to meet these needs through accessible and effective means.

Patvocates covers several domains in its approach to DEI, including race/ethnicity, migration, age, sex and gender, sexual orientation, dis/ability, socioeconomic status, geography, access to technology, and neurodiversity.

Patvocates’ services in the area of DEI include:

  • Workshops and trainings
  • DEI assessments and mapping
  • Consultancy and tailored advice on DEI barriers and solutions in health services and clinical trials
  • Identification of patient organisations meeting DEI criteria