Welcome to NGO Services of Patvocates, the true origin of the company, our heart and core. That’s how we started back in 2010 – from supporting patient organisations growing stronger. Today, many years later, we have grown as a social venture and remain just as dedicated to strengthening patient organisations and other non-profits. We build on decades of experience in creating and running non-profit patient organisations while we provide comprehensive support tailored to the unique needs of the patient community, as we have done since the start.


Our suite of services is designed to amplify the voices of patient groups, enabling them to navigate the complex landscape of healthcare advocacy effectively. From strategic planning and capacity-building to fundraising assistance, we collaborate closely with patient organisations to enhance their outreach, influence policy changes, and foster a supportive community. We strive to equip the patient community with the tools and resources necessary to drive meaningful change in healthcare policies, improve patient outcomes, and create a positive impact on the lives of those they serve.

Patvocates is your ally on the journey towards a stronger patient community and a more patient-centric and inclusive healthcare landscape.



Patvocates serves as a dynamic incubator for non-profit organisations, offering a range of tailored services to address the diverse needs of patient organisations. Our strategic consultancy ensures tailored strategies, effective project management and robust governance to prepare for sustained success. Through our Secretariats, we also assist the NGOs in running projects, developing funding strategies, and building relations with funders.


Evidence generation projects provide essential data for impactful change, while communication and awareness campaigns amplify causes. Our training initiatives, including advocacy development programmes and webinars, are customized for community needs. Community Advisory Boards (CABs) enhance engagement and collaboration, reflecting our commitment to a more patient-centric healthcare landscape. Partner with us for a 360º approach to empower your patient organisation.



Our strategic consultancy services include workshops to understand and prioritise the community’s unmet needs, develop strategic and operational plans, tailoring funding strategies, defining future-proof NGO governance, or any other needs that your organisation might have.


Especially in the early phases of a young organisation, it is hard to grow an organisation beyond a core group of executive founders towards an established, sustainable organisation. The Patvocates team has been involved in the establishment and development of robust NGOs from the very first steps towards strong, well-governed and well-funded organisations.

To support patient organisations in those incremental phases of growth, the Patvocates team provides services like:

  • General Secretariat support (day to day operations incl. financial planning and monitoring, day-to-day operations, monitoring external requests, organizing board meetings, action tracking)
  • Governance (good governance, statutes, bylaws, processes)
  • Strategic planning
  • Financial management (fundraising, grants and sponsorship management, budgeting, accounting, managing contractors)
  • Membership services and outreach
  • Annual General Meetings (organisation of virtual or face-to-face General Assemblies / Annual Meetings)
  • External communications (newsletters, websites, social media channels)
  • Collaboration with external stakeholders
  • Project management
  • Logistics management

The Patvocates team can author lay summaries from conferences, attending and summarising key sessions and meetings. These summaries can be provided to the patient community e.g. to understand news from clinical trials presented at scientific conferences.


Very experienced project managers in the Patvocates team can move your ideas to action. We manage projects in a very professional way for you, with a sound funding strategy, within budget, and focused on professional delivery. We do this end-to-end: from early planning over fundraising to project implementation, monitoring and reporting.


Patvocates can help your organisation to generate your own evidence e.g., through patient and carer surveys, patient preference studies or patient pathway mappings. We can help you to collect, analyze and publish your data – which is all yours. We can also support your organisation in developing a data strategy and sustainable funding model based on patient evidence.


Patvocates plans, coordinates, facilitates and runs Patient Summits for non-profit organisations where patient communities can learn from each other, discuss, initiate collaborations, co-create concepts and tools as well as prioritize and plan actions in their community or with other healthcare stakeholders.

Even though we are providing full-service logistics for your meeting including agenda development, moderation and facilitation guides, speaker briefings, pre- and post-meeting material development, venue management, travel management, contracting and expense processing, compliance review, we are not „just“ another health communications agency: Everything we do is tailored towards depth and impact on both the patient community and other healthcare stakeholders. Our moderators, facilitators and project managers have years of experience in patient engagement and patient advocacy, and know expert speakers from other communities that can contribute to your meeting. We have a long track record of organizing meetings, workshops and summits with patients, carers, patient advocates and patient organisations. We really care.


Patvocates supports patient organisations and other non-profit organisations in running public campaigns to help them raise awareness about the unmet needs and challenges of their communities. The goal is to activate the general public, policymakers or healthcare stakeholders to support your community’s cause and objectives. Examples of previous campaigns include the Breathing Life Awareness Campaign of the European Pulmonary Fibrosis Federation (EU-PFF).

Our communications services extend far beyond Awareness Campaigns. From branding and visual strategy, to logo design and preparation of professional communication templates and content, Patvocates can help your organisation to transform into a cohesive and well-recognised entity. Our experienced team can also prepare your newsletters, materials and toolkits for the community, coordinate website updates as well as social media strategy and content preparation – all based on your individual needs and preferences.


Patvocates develops tailored educational material for your target audience – from very lay-friendly information for patients and carers to information targeted to well-informed patient advocates. We provide both authoring and visual design and enable accessibility of the content in online and offline media.


We develop and run individualized training programmes and capacity building workshops for patient organisations and other non-profit organisations to empower key community members in your disease area, based on your organization’s individual needs, knowledge and disease context. We provide trainings in the four pillars of disease & care, research & data, healthcare systems & policy & access as well as advocacy tools & skills. They can be delivered online or face-to-face.

Our services include:

  • Advocacy Development Programmes
  • Multi-track academy training summits
  • Webinars
  • Individual advocate coaching programmes
  • Tailored advocacy training sessions
  • Project management

Patvocates supports patient organisations by preparing, coordinating, hosting and facilitating Community Advisory Boards – run by the patient community with an agenda that focuses on their own needs and priority topics.  

Your organisation sets the agenda, invites representatives from companies or institutions, and leads the two-way dialogue on e.g., research and development pipelines, clinical trial protocols and endpoints, access strategies, regulatory issues or care pathways. 

We also provide trainings to your CAB members, to make sure they come fully equipped to your CAB meetings.


  • Patient organisations (local, regional, national, European or global)
  • Academic institutions
  • Medical and other international associations
  • Funding institutions


“For over five years Patvocates has been a keystone of our strategic development and operational success. Having access to their wide range of patient centred professionals from multiple expertise areas has been a huge positive for our projects and activities. Operationally having our long-term secretariat provided by Patvocates has been at the core of joining the passion of our patient advocates with the professionalism needed to succeed in our services to our membership as well as to operate at high level within the policy and research landscape. We have found their knowledge and efficiency matched with empathy and a focus on the integrity of patient advocacy has provided the right relationship for our pan-European organisation, providing us with a knowledge pool and task specific competence that has remained consistent and of competitive value year on year.”

Liam Galvin,
Chief Executive Officer, European Pulmonary Fibrosis Federation (EU-PFF)

“I can say, without reservation, that working with the Patvocates team has helped transform our operation, as they bring great knowledge across all areas critical to the proper functioning of a patient organisation and an alliance.

They added such value to the running and organisation of our eighth World Congress. This is the first time we had worked with external support, although to be honest they felt like part of the team. They spotted potential problems, almost before they happened and dealt with them swiftly and professionally. It was a joy to be able to focus on the content of the day and talking with our community.”

Sue Farrington,
FESCA President